Phase 36 – Minneola

Phase 36 – Minneola

Pinecrest Lakes Academy

14012 Old Highway 50, Minneola, FL 34711
Opening Date: August 2017
Jobs Created: Projected 196
Grades: K-8/ 756 students

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The community of Minneola, FL is growing, and its economy is expanding rapidly.  The new Pinecrest Lakes Academy is an active participant in this growth, and will create many jobs for the community.  As a qualified EB-5 development project, the school has accepted funding from non-US investors.  The EB-5 visa program provides alternative funding sources for real property development that will stimulate economic growth and benefits investors who wish to receive an EB-5 visa for legal residence in America. This is a unique win-win proposition for serious investors as well as the residents, students and tax payers of Minneola. Contact us for more specifics on Pinecrest development and this investment opportunity and to see if you qualify for an EB-5 visa.