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Public Charter Schools

The investment projects GreenAccess delivers are Florida public charter schools. Public charter schools are very popular and are among the fastest growing school choice options in Miami, and throughout Florida. Public charter schools operate under a performance contract, or a “charter.” Hence the term charter school. The charter requires the schools be held liable for academic and financial results. Public charter schools guiding ethos: high standards of student achievement.

A public charter school is an independently run, tuition-free public school offering primary and secondary education. Built and managed by a private group, public charter schools receive state government funding. Public charter schools enjoy greater flexibility in operations in return for greater accountability of performance.

EB-5 Investment Projects

Government backed, Florida public charter schools have grown to over 652 schools from 1996 through 2015-2016 school year, with student enrollment topping 270,000. Many public charter schools have long waiting lists with student placement determined by a lottery (drawing) process.

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