Proven EB-5 immigration success through secure government-backed investment projects. Get your USA Green Card in five easy steps.

Our Track Record

Founded in 2008, GreenAccess’ management has over 10 years of experience in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program with a global team of agents and advisors. Through this industry expertise, GreenAccess has obtained an unparalleled record of immigration and investment success.


About GreenAccess

Our EB-5 Investments

Secure your USA Green Card through GreenAccess EB-5 Public Charter School Projects


The U.S. Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5 Visa Program) allows investors to secure their Green Card through investment projects that meet certain requirements.

GreenAccess Florida Public Charter School investment projects are U.S. Government backed and located exclusively in Targeted Employment Areas (TEA). Our projects are developed to insulate client investments in all conditions. This government backing reduces the risk inherent with other EB-5 companies while our high investment standards ensure quality projects.

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Immigrate to the USA. Use the Immigrant EB-5 Investor Visa Program.

GreenAccess Does All the Work


GreenAccess processes every step of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Program from Immigrant Petition through receipt of a USA Green Card and Permanent Legal Residency. We are your single point of contact. GreenAccess makes sure you meet all the requirements of the EB-5 Investor Visa Program.

Steps to Immigrate

Immigrate with the EB-5 Visa – Five Easy Steps


1. Contact

Speak to GreenAccess Internal Agent (GIA).

2. Invest

Make Standard Minimum Investment of $800,000 USD (+ administrative fees), directed by a GreenAccess Internal Agent.

3. Communicate

GreenAccess communicates with you or your representative at every stage of the process up to receipt of your Green Card.

4. Immigrate

You and your family enjoy all the rights and privileges of permanent, legal residency as a USA Green Card holder.

5. Return of Investment

After the process is completed, receive your full initial investment.


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