“After thorough consideration and comparison, we decided to invest in the charter school project, which helped us successfully obtain United States permanent resident status and greatly reduced my daughter’s tuition fees.

We signed in December 2012, and received our Green Cards in September 2014. In April 2019, we received the full US$500,000 initial investment funds and an additional US$5,000 interest! My daughter is now studying in the U.S. with a reduced tuition rate and permanent resident benefits.

Our sincere thanks for…hard work, integrity, and professionalism!”

~ N. Huang


“Our original goal of obtaining an immigration status was to give my children a chance to receive a US education and give my wife and me more career options in the future. Currently, my wife is working as a resident doctor and our children are learning in the States according to plan, all because of a very important decision we made in 2012!

We decided to invest in an EB-5 charter school project. Two years later, in November, we all received our Green Cards. In April 2019, we were informed that the initial US$500,000 capital will be returned to my bank account with an additional US$5,000 bonus!

The hard work the consultants have put in to successfully helping us obtain US status and return of full investment amount are real truths, and I highly recommend to people who are planning to immigrate to the US!”

~ T.H. Cheng


“I’m a working professional in Taiwan. My wife and I always had plans for our daughter to attend a university in the United States, and stay there for work after she graduates. In October 2012, we chose to join the EB-5 Charter School Project in Florida (Phase 3 – Wellington), as our means to immigrate to America.

In July 2015, our family of three successfully received all of our two-year Green Cards, and then in January 2018, we received our 10-year Green Cards! Just today, we received our original investment fund of US$500,000 and an interest of US$5,000!

We are truly grateful. They were unquestionably professional and showed an incomparable amount of sincerity and trust.”

~ Mr. Lin