Phase 11 – Boynton Beach

Phase 11 – Boynton Beach

Somerset Academy Canyons Charter School

Opening Date: AUGUST 2014
Jobs Created: 426
Grades: 6-12/ 1660 STUDENTS

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The Somerset Academy Canyons Charter School has been involved in the EB-5 visas program.  This program is offered to migrant investors who are looking to make a significant contribution to the local communities like Boynton Beach, FL.  The EB-5 visa grants permanent residence to entrepreneurs who wish to help build up the local community by contributing to local businesses and establishments that will create new jobs in the area.  A significant investment in a Florida charter school could allow you the ability to gain an EB-5 visa.  Contact us to learn about the investment possibilities and whether or not you are qualified for this particular form of visa.

Please note that this school is not the same as Academy of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, although often it show in a search for that school.