Phase 23 – Orlando Prep

Phase 23 – Orlando Prep

Orange County Preparatory Academy

10250 University Blvd, Orlando 32817
Opening Date: August 2016
Jobs Created: 165
Grades: K-8/ 286 Students

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The Orange County Preparatory Academy is a growing prep school in Orlando, FL which participates in the EB-5 program for foreign entrepreneurs.  Since its opening in August of 2016, the Orange County Prep Academy has created 156 new jobs in Orlando, while also enrolling 427 students and helping its migrant investors to gain their EB-5 visa status.  If you qualify for an EB-5 visa by contributing to a Florida school, you will be given legal residency status within the United States, while also helping to grow a community with new jobs and student resources.  Contact us for more information about the EB-5 visa program.