Phase 1 – Cooper City

Phase 1 – Cooper City - Loan Repaid

Renaissance Charter School at Cooper City

2800 North Palm Avenue, Cooper City 33026
Opening Date: August 2012
Jobs Created: 360
Grades: K -8/ 1179 Students

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The Renaissance Charter School of Cooper City, FL accepted EB-5 investments for infrastructure development.  EB-5 investments can facilitate immigration into the United States.  Charter schools can be safe investment and can also be beneficial to the community, and many looking to gain EB-5 visas invest in Florida schools.  Cooper City is a growing community with a rising median income looking for entrepreneurs who want to invest in its continued growth.  If you contact us today, we can provide you with a full review of your qualifications, and advise if an investment in a Florida charter school will help you qualify you for an EB-5 visa.