New Program Updates


The New Year brings new program updates.

The Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security amidst a flurry of outgoing activity recently proposed increasing the EB-5 minimum investment to $1.35 million. While this would be a significant increase from today’s minimum $500,000 investment, it has not been enacted in any official manner or capacity. In short, at this point, it remains merely a proposal. There can be no changes in the EB-5 Program whatsoever until April 28, 2017. As GreenAccess notified you, the U.S. House of Representatives filed Continuing Resolution (CR) legislation (December 2016) to preserve the EB-5 Program unchanged until the April date.

GreenAccess will continue to update you on any changes or news related to the EB-5 Program and any potential impact.

A message from the founders.  

Every New Year ushers in new hope, commitment and focus. Unlike so many New Year’s resolutions to do something new and different, GreenAccess’ resolution is to do more of the things we’ve always done, better. 

We hope to assist even more immigrant investors’ and their families’ successful immigration to the U.S. via safe investing. Our commitment is to communicate consistently about the progress of our Florida public school investment projects, changes in the EB-5 program and our 100% client compliant success rate of foreign investors who have achieved permanent, legal residency in the U.S.—green card holders. Our focus is on further streamlining our processes and presentation, across all platforms, to better assist immigrant investors.

We recognize every New Year brings another group of immigrant investors one more monumental step closer to their ultimate immigration success. We celebrate with you.

Immigration under President Trump’s administration.

No one has a crystal ball. But, we view President Trump as favorable to legal immigration and we know he appreciates the role investment capital plays in the wider economy. President Trump understands capital projects create much-needed jobs in some of the most disadvantaged communities in our country.  

For all these reasons, and in spite of much valid uneasiness, we believe that successful immigration via safe investing will not only remain possible, but welcomed as an advantage to our national interest and domestic job market.