The Strategy is the EB-5 Process. Learn about Requirements.

Successful immigration using the EB-5 Program requires that GreenAccess’ process seamlessly intersects with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”) process. It does.

Two types of projects and investments qualify for EB-5:

01. $1,800,000 in newly and recently created businesses.

02. $900,000 in rural or designated high-unemployment, Targeted Employment Areas (TEA).

GreenAccess leverages the second option.

Our clients invest $900,000 in projects in rural and designated high-unemployment areas, specifically Florida public schools.

Find out about EB-5 requirements today.

There are three pivotal EB 5 Program requirements:

01. Immigration attorney prepares and files Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, for the individual and all family members.

02. The Petition must be approved by the USCIS. Upon approval, the immigrant investor and family secure conditional Green Cards.

03. Finally, GreenAccess files the immigrant investor’s Petition to Remove Conditions. With the removal of conditions, the immigrant investor and his family members become permanent, legal residents of the United States – Green Card holders.

Requirement number three is often most difficult to fulfill. This is where GreenAccess differentiates itself.

The condition that must be met, and subsequently removed, requires the investment project create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs over two years. Only after this condition is met can investors and their families already living in the U.S. become permanent residents.

Key to GreenAccess’ process and our clients’ ultimate immigration success are the Florida public school projects in which we invest.

By their very nature, public school projects satisfy, and all but guarantee, the removal of conditions.