GreenAccess Clarification

Clarity is everything.

Let’s be clear about GreenAccess’ benefit to clients across the globe.

Our new tagline gives voice to our unique advantage. It’s a call to action and a promise:

Our new “green key” logo illustrates our core function: We open the door to permanent, legal residency in the U.S.

Our new website:

  • Explains GreenAccess’ process.
  • Showcases our success over time and the reasons behind it.
  • Provides information and specifics on our Florida public charter school projects.
  • Illuminates important considerations surrounding the Immigrant Investor Visa Program – EB-5.

Social media is one way we’ll engage with you in real time.

Eblasts are another.

Using the Immigrant Investor Visa Program – EB-5, GreenAccess delivers foreign individuals and their families successful immigration to the U.S. via safe investing.

Any questions?