September Update


As we move closer to the EB-5 extension deadline on September 30th, GreenAccess remains committed to delivering investors a safe, predicable path to permanent, legal residency. But it doesn’t end there. Success is achieved with the final step and return of GreenAccess clients’ investment. This two-pronged view of success remains our focus.

I-526 Approvals
Between May 1 and August 31, 43 GreenAccess investors received conditional Green Cards with approval of their I-526 approvals. The 11 investment projects are Olympic, Pembroke Pines, McIntosh, SW Miami, Orlando Prep, Delray, Bloomingdale, Galileo, Atlantic, River City, Soho II. 

What We Know Now: EB-5 Waiting Lines
Visa backlogs for nationals of India, Brazil, South Korea, and Taiwan are expected by the summer of 2019. EB-5 applicants chargeable to mainland China and Vietnam now face backlogs for the forseeable future. Learn more.