About GreenAccess

Once the decision to immigrate to the U.S. using the EB-5 Program has been made, the decision to do so successfully and as efficiently as possible should be the next, and arguably, most important consideration. By facilitating exclusively Florida public school investment projects, GreenAccess brings clients a safe, all but guaranteed path to permanent, legal residency.

GreenAccess delivers clients a transparent process, real-time status updates on their investment projects, and a seamless process of successful immigration using the EB-5 Program and exclusively Florida public school investment projects. Florida public schools are government backed.


  • Invests clients’ capital in Florida public school projects
  • Monitors clients’ investments
  • Updates clients on the progress of their Florida public school investment project and the ongoing EB-5 process and its various stages
  • Orchestrates the entire process from investment to successful immigration and Return Of Investment

We are not

  • Project developers
  • Project owners
  • Attorneys