Omnibus Appropriation Extends EB-5 Unchanged Through September 2018


Today, President Trump approved and signed the more than 2,000 page $1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus Appropriation. Importantly, language in the bill specifies EB-5 programming be extended, unchanged through September 2018. This is welcome news, cementing immigrant investors’ ability to continue successfully immigrating via safe investing.
While EB-5 programming remains unchanged by Congress, the USCIS, the agency administering the program can and may still implement new regulations increasing the $500,000 minimum investment amount. USCIS published these regulations in January 2017, and can implement them at the time of their choosing.
Hence, there remains urgency for immigrant investors to file their EB-5 I-526 petitions now, while the minimum investment remains $500,000. The published increase amounts are $925,000 for certain projects and $1,025,000 for others.
As additional information becomes available regarding EB-5 Programming and its impact on immigrant investors, GreenAccess will continue to update you.
For immigrant investors with files ready to execute there is no reason not to begin the process, now. GreenAccess has many suitable public school investment projects open and currently accepting investors.