GreenAccess Receives First I-829 Approval From USCIS


We are pleased to announce the first of GreenAccess’ EB-5 immigrant investors has received I-829 Approval. The individual invested in the Phase 3 Renaissance Charter School at Wellington, a GreenAccess Florida public charter school investment project.
Issuance of the I-829 Petition approval is the EB-5 process’ final step to becoming a permanent resident. It removes conditional status, and deems the EB-5 investor a lawful permanent resident of the United States.  

Congratulations to our newest U.S. permanent resident!


This exciting milestone is also a validation. GreenAccess follows the same path, using the same investment model and process, with each of its Florida public charter school investment projects. For this reason, we are extremely confident that this is the first of many I-829 Petition approvals.
Currently, there are 300 individuals and families in the GreenAccess process already enjoying conditional, legal residency in the U.S. There are an additional 700 investors in various other stages of the GreenAccess process. To all of you, we say: “Your day is coming.”  
Located at 3200 South State Road 7, in Wellington, Florida, and opened in 2014, Renaissance Charter School at Wellington has created 419 jobs and currently serves more than 800 students and families. 

 Remember these words: 
“You are deemed to be a lawful permanent resident of the United States.”

That’s what GreenAccess is working toward.